GoGo Frank's

Gogo Franks

Started in 2004, GoGo Franks was created to satisfy the ever changing taste of SIngaporeans for an ‘Asian Tasting Sausage’. Succeeded and spread out into 13 outlets all over Singapore, in 2012 Carolina Holdings as the main company of GoGo Franks chose Bogajaya Group to be the master franchise in Indonesia.

GoGo Franks introduced a healthy way of enjoying chicken sausage by using 100% pure chicken meat, processing the sausage in a boiling water, and grilling it without the use of oil. GoGo Franks originality also reflects in its expertise in creating various appealing new menu that always become a hit. They really show what ‘never been so original’ really means.

 Average price 35.000 – 100.000


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